My name is Katrin and I am from Australia. I am a Native Speaker but my parents are Polish so I speak Polish too. I have taught English for five years in Poland and I also work as a translator. I know well how to teach a language because in addition to being a teacher I am also a psychologist.

The pace and method of work are always perfectly suited to the student because each of us is different and some of us assimilate certain kinds of learning better than other methods.

The lessons are about you and for you and never boring because I hate boring lessons. We discuss what you want only. If you want to prepare a presentation in English for work, pick up a woman in a bar in New York or sell a house to a rich Englishman - that is what we will learn about!

I have worked for five years in Poland as a teacher and translator and I teach Business, General and Technical English to students at all ages.

During the classes the student is doing the talking and not the teacher. I am only here to make you talk and correct you. Also we usually do not speak Polish at all unless it is requested by the student.

Basically we learn and have fun at the same time :). Welcome!